Market Place Assessment

Housing markets are not created or sustained by structures and appraisals, by one-, three- and five-mile rings.  Residents, workers and users that engage the real estate are the energy and future of any market.  We refer less to market and more to authentic market place.  Our approach is holistic, calibrated in history and able to look forward.

Most market studies count the front doors, focus on the structures.  We believe that behind each door is a micro-cell of the local economy, a household with a past and a future.  Our Market Place Assessment approach begins with the integration of the best national datasets: demographics, market segmentation psychographics, parcel-level property detail, loan performance, multi-family rents and other information.  The data is current to last quarter and can be trended over time.  Once integrated into the dynamic SMA/RT™ Platform (see Technologies), this Assessment furthers many outcomes over several months.

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For example, we highlight our recent assessment of the Millville DE housing market.  Initial datasets are integrated into the baseline Platform (left).  Parcel-level data includes new homes and resales, attached and condominium, finished lots and land all segmented by over 200 recorded property details.

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Granular housing data is trended for price points, new vs. resale, prominent builders or housing type over the relevant timeframe (center left), while dynamic graphics and satellite imagery allows an immediate, driveway-level access to any residential site or investor asset of interest (lower left).

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Given the typical range of Client challenges, we can quickly recast this market access for the appropriate asset class, land position or targeted household profile.  Often a new market trend or unmet housing demand is revealed in collaboration with the Client team, an unexpected opportunity that aligns with the Client’s business model or market intentions.  Streams of other public and proprietary data are easily added and new outcomes produced in realtime.

The Market Place Assessment becomes a Client baseline for many other staged outcomes, from identifying competitive communities and players to new housing designs and precise asset valuations.  As discussed in Technologies, the integrated data can be analyzed at various altitudes – at wide aperture for market trends and terrain, then down to the driveway level for site detail and character.